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Vestatec Magnum coupe created on BMW e30 baseVest(link)tec M(link)(link)num coupe, five-se(link)ter...34753 years ago
BMW E30 Alpina Tech Catalogue(file is included)9593 years ago
Metric Mechanic E30 modification book(file is included)8743 years ago
Tuning options (02 series, e30, e21, e23, e32)..O = optical tuning K = panel building S = complete build...6803 years ago
BMW Approved Tyre List(file is included)5843 years ago
BMW FUEL INJECTION: An Enlightened Approach(file is included)6103 years ago
Metric Mechanic Piston to Cylinder Wall Clearance(file is included)5803 years ago
Metric Mechanic M42 & M44 Engine Series chart(file is included)5783 years ago
Metric Mechanic M20 Engine Series chart(file is included)6053 years ago
Metric Mechanic M10 Engine Series chart(file is included)5623 years ago
Metric Mechanic S14 Engine Series chartST means Surface Turbulence: Metric Mechanic Patented...5993 years ago
The 325i ConvertibleThe 325i Convertible: Created for those with a penchant for...5953 years ago
Teilekatalog BMW M3 E30 Enclosed parts catalogEnclosed parts catalog gives you an overview of the special...6023 years ago
BMW M3 E30 Gruppe N Enclosed parts catalogEnclosed parts catalog gives you an overview of the special...5883 years ago
Metric Mechanic m42 engine seriesIntroduction Often the 4 Cylinder BMWs are overshadowed by...6113 years ago
Metric Mechanic m3 engine seriesGeneral Engine Description Straight from the factory, BMW...6263 years ago
Metric Mechanic m20 engine seriesIntroduction Originating in Europe, the M20 Engine made...6433 years ago
e30 PFEBA - Sportlichkeit in Bestform '86(file is included)7423 years ago
E30 PFEBA - Dynamisch Aerodynamisch '84(file is included)6563 years ago
E30 PFEBA - BMW Aerodynamik '87(file is included)7703 years ago
BMW e30 - 3 Series Restoration Bible by Andrew Everett(file is included)7573 years ago
E30 Engine Modifications(file is included)6223 years ago
Tightening torque values(file is included)6003 years ago
Accessories - installation instructions | Zubehör - einbauanleitung (German)(file is included)5883 years ago
Oil service checklist by Bentley service Manual(file is included)5853 years ago
INSPECTION II checklist by Bentley service Manual(file is included)5763 years ago
INSPECTION I checklist by Bentley service Manual(file is included)5783 years ago
E30 Vraagbaak (FAQ) (Dutch)(file is included)5823 years ago
BMW accessories 1991(file is included)6123 years ago
e30 genuine BMW accessories(file is included)6353 years ago
e30 Touring and Cabrio colors and upholstery(file is included)5713 years ago
e30 Alpina parts(file is included)5913 years ago
E30 Cabrios (german)(file is included)5533 years ago