OBC2 (13 button obc) pinout / dashboard C3 pinout Useful electronics information

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OBC2 (13 button obc) pinout / dashboard C3 pinout

by Peter » Wed Feb 15, 2023 10:18 pm

This might help, if you want to make e30 wiring loom for OBC2 (13 button OBC) or if you want to test out if OBC works outside of car.

So here are the pinouts on OBC2

Green plug on OBC2

1 Br/Yl (really Br) Horn(-) Relay coil control, power to OBC horn

2 Br/Bu trigger output (cold chime)

3 N/C

4 Bk-- Combination switch (turn signal stalk), momentary contact to ground

5 GyVl KLR C3-13, hot in accy/run/start fuse 12

6 Rd/Wt KL30, hot at all times, power from fuse 21 through cluster+SI board

7 Gn/Bk (really Gn/Wt) KL15 C3-2, hot in run/start through fuse 10

8 Gy/Rd dash lights

9 Br/Wt "31G" Br/Wt dash lights, variable resistor to ground.

10 Br "31" Ground through cluster

11 Br/Bu (really Br/Gn) Code(-) Relay coil control for Motronic power

12,13 N/C

14 Yl not used (Euro "alarm clock" feature")

15 Br/Gn fuel tank level input, through cluster C3-5 [!!Br/Yl actual color code!!]

16 Bu outside temp input, NTC thermistor to ground [!!Bu/Yl actual color!!]

17 Wt/Bu fuel rate input, C3-25, fuel injector pulse width info from Motronic

18 Br/Gy fuel tank low level input, through cluster C3-4, ground w/ low fuel [!!Br/Bk actual color!!]

19 N/C

20 N/C

21 Br/Rd speed input, C3-26, same as signal to cruise control

22 Bk/Yl start input, hot in start

23,24,25,26 N/C

Yellow plug on instrument cluster

If you want to test out OBC2 outside car - here are pins you should use:

PIN 5 on obc2 (+12v)

PIN 6 on obc2 (+12v)

PIN 7 on obc2 (+12v)

PIN 8 on obc2 (+12v)

PIN 9 on obc2 (ground)

PIN 10 on obc2 (ground)

(if you want to simulate turn signal stalk BC switch - you can momentary contact PIN 4 (on obc2) to ground.)


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